about Us

Montero Therapy Services has been invested in the success of skilled nursing facility (SNF) professionals and the residents they serve for the last 3 decades. As president of the geriatric private practice and consulting firm, Dolores Montero, PT, DPT, RAC-CT, RAC-CTA strives to empower therapy and MDS professionals with the resources, tools and information necessary for success.

Years SNF experience
Serving others

Why do we do it?

After 25+ years in the trenches, juggling practice, management and regulatory compliance, we decided something had to give in order for our sites and clients to maintain compliance….and sanity.  The rule changes were coming in faster than ever and it became evident that HELP was needed.

Therapists were met with growing expectations of productivity that limited their time for continuing education and for keeping up on the newest regulations….Therapy managers were looked upon to manage staff, schedules and therapy minutes… MDS Coordinators were now faced with PDPM, coding and skilled documentation … Administrators were left wondering if their team was on target…

So WHY do we do what we do?

We are caregivers at heart, dedicated to the residents, to our professions and our colleagues that strive to provide the best care for the geriatric population. By helping our peers, we are helping our residents. We are in YOUR corner!

Experience Matters

My Professional Journey

From the first paper MDS, to MDS 2.0, to MDS 3.0 and its many versions…From paper Medicare Manuals to Internet Only Manuals (IOMs)

From pre-PPS, to PPS RUG-III, to PPS RUG-IV, to PDPM…

The Years Add Up

Practicing PT
Doctor of PT
Board Certified Geriatric Clinical Specialist
Teaching & Training SNF Professionals
How most days are spent

A day in the life…

wouldn’t have it any other way!

Working 1-on-1 with peers, answering questions

PDPM Training & Auditing

State Case Mix Management

Researching and Writing Update Articles

Medicare Chart Audits – Medicaid Chart Audits

Teaching and Taking Continuing Education Courses

Navigating the SNF waters for 30 years allows us to see the big picture and puts our skills to work for you.

what are your goals for this year?