Are you a Rehab Manager Overwhelmed by all the rules?
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Resources, Tools and Custom Support for Your Team

pDPM Tools

Master PDPM with the Daily Per Diem Rate Calculator, Function Score Calculator, IPA Calculator, and more. See why therapy, MDS and billing staff log on daily to use them.

Resource Library

All the major Manuals and documents in one place. Medicare Part A, Medicare Part B, RAI Manual, Quality Measure Reporting Manuals and more.

Clinical Toolbox

Here we dig a little deeper into each major regulatory area. Find additional information to support practice, as well as custom tools and cheat sheets to make your workday easier.

CMS Manuals & Links

Medicare Part A, Medicare Part B, RAI MDS Manual, Quality Measure Programs and more. Links to key Manual items.

Medicare Part A

Part A resources for rates, PDPM, ICD-10 Mapping, updated with the Proposed and Final Rules each year.

Medicare Part B

Coding, billing and documentation resources, access to the Physician Fee Schedule Proposed and Final Rules with annual updates.

mDS Resources & Coding

Access the RAI Manual, individual MDS Item Sets, coding resources and more.

iCD-10 Coding

Download the CMS ICD-10 Coding Manuals. Learn the ins and outs of ICD-10 Coding for PDPM in our PDPM Course.

Documentation to Support Skilled Care

Take our Documentation for Skilled Care Course or download tools and resources from the Toolbox.

CMS Quality Measures

Never mix up the 3 QM programs again! The Toolbox contains information for each program, including cheat sheets to keep it all straight. Need more help? Take the QM Course.

SNF-Specific Courses

Courses covering the top 10 areas that therapy and MDS professionals need to master.

Tools & Cheat Sheets

Our Toolbox contains custom tools and cheat sheets designed to help you keep all the info you need handy. PDPM, QMs and more.

1-on-1 training

Whether you use our Just Ask Q&A feature to submit email questions to our Resource Team, or book a 1-on-1 live session with us to review a SNF topic, we will help guide you to the answers. 1-on-1 training is available for Individual Members. We have worked with therapists, managers, MDS Coordinators, on topics such as PDPM, State Case Mix, Claim Reviews, Appeals, and more.

Consulting Services

  • Our PDPM Auditing Services can discover and recover valuable reimbursement
  • Our Triple Check Reviews can identify areas of strength and weakness
  • Our Case Mix Services can strengthen your team knowledge & MDS score maximization
  • Our customized team training can address any areas of need

Our Nationally Recognized Rehab Manager Certification Program

Intensive 10-Course series covering the top 10 areas SNF Rehab Managers need to master for department and facility success.

Partner with US for success!