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Mastering 10 Key Topics for SNF Success

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Tools for the 10 key areas of Rehab Management

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The ever-changing rules, the push for productivity and the “do more with less” culture can be frustrating. This Series will help you master the 10 key areas for SNF survival, and put you ahead of the curve.

Great for those looking for the skills to lead an in-house therapy department!

Skilled Nursing Facility Rehab Manager Training Program™ Details

  • Total of 10 Courses – Released every Wednesday for 10 weeks
  • Live instructor access for 10 weeks for Q&A or Live Meetings
  • Bonus Resources, Downloads and Cheat Sheets with each Course!
  • Save resources to your computer for future reference
  • 30 Clock Hours of Continuing Education / 36 Contact Hours
  • APTA NY Chapter approved for 30 hours
  • Approved for PT and OT in NY and Multiple States
  • Add Certified SNF Rehab Manager™ to Your Resume
  • You will have access to the Course Home Page through 12/31/2024
  • No other program like this! This is our 10th year presenting this course!

100% of past participants said they would recommend this course to their peers! (Read that again)

Course 1: The Guiding Principles of Long Term Care

  • Federal and State Guidelines for Therapy and Beyond
  • View Course Details and Resources HERE

Course 2: Medicare Part A: Coverage Criteria, Reimbursement Structure and Fraud Triggers

  • All the Medicare Part A rules in 1 place….coverage, notes, duration and more
  • View Course Details and Resources HERE

Course 3: The Patient Driven Payment Model – Master Coding, Billing and Compliance

  • Amazing PDPM cheat sheets, resource tools, calculators and more
  • View Course Details and Resources HERE

Course 4: MDS for Therapists – Sections A-Z (BIMS – PHQ-9 – Section GG – Section I – Section O and More)

  • Therapy Function Score resources, Section GG tools and more
  • The new MDS 10/1/23 and how it impacts PDPM and CMI
  • View Course Details and Resources HERE

Course 5: CMS Quality Measure Programs: 5-Star, QRP and VBP

  • What MDS Questions impact your 5-STAR rating? SNF QRP Penalty? How everything ties together.
  • QM Cheat sheet – Keep all the QM’s and MDS trigger questions straight!
  • View Course Details and Resources HERE

Course 6: Medicare Part B – Coverage Guidelines – Coding, Billing and Compliance

  • All the Medicare Part B rule in 1 place…coverage, documentation, coding, billing and more
  • View Course Details and Resources HERE

Course 7: Documentation Specifics for Part A and Part B – Rules and How To’s

  • Requirements for Part A vs Part B vs State Practice Act
  • Documentation templates and samples included
  • View Course Details and Resources HERE

Course 8: Maintenance Therapy: Rules for Establishment and Provision

  • Includes documentation templates and samples for use in your practice
  • View Course Details and Resources HERE

Course 9: Beneficiary Notices – NOMNC & ABNS – What form to give and when

  • Includes all customizable forms and instructions of when to and not to issue
  • View Course Details and Resources HERE

Course 10: Leadership, Management and Compliance 

  • Leadership, management and a new take on Productivity that could make everyone happy

Meet Your Instructor

Instructor Credentials: Dolores Montero, PT, DPT, RAC-CT, RAC-CTA (Click for Bio)

Hello there! I’m the course presenter and have developed the material over a 30-year period working in the non-profit and for-profit skilled nursing facility industry. I remember what it was like being a new manager with limited resources and have set my practice around teaching and mentoring other Therapy Professionals to ensure they have the tools they need to succeed!

Let me tell you how I got here. I jumped into a Rehab Manager position for a 400-bed SNF when I was just 23 years old. Yikes! Honestly, I thought it would be temporary….but I fell in love with the geriatric population, and was hooked. My residents became family and I wanted the best for every. single. one. of them. So not only did I stay, but I became a Board Certified Geriatric Clinical Specialist and continued practicing for the next 20 years, pouring my heart and soul into the geriatric population.

But over the years, the struggle was real. As a Rehab Director, 12-hour-days were the norm and trying to keep up with the rules was almost impossible. Every company had different rules and when asked why things needed to be done a certain way, no one seemed to know. I was determined to figure “the system” out and soon discovered the rules and regulations were hidden in plain sight. There were Federal Manuals!! Who knew!! [This was in the early 90’s…so we are talkin’ real paper “manuals.”] The State Operations Manual for LTC and the Medicare Manuals for Part A and Part B became my bedtime reading. [Seriously..] In 1997, I read the entire Balanced Budget Act while on maternity leave, and memorized the nuts and bolts of the first Prospective Payment System and RUG system. [I know…don’t judge!]

My ability to find the answers made me the “go-to” resource for other Rehab Directors in my state, and over time, in surrounding states. It quickly became apparent that keeping up with all the changing rules and regulations would become a full-time job, a very necessary full-time job, as my peers across the country were not learning the information in school or on the job, yet their licenses were on the line for much of the resident treatment and billing in the SNF. In fact, many of my peers were being directed to perform activities that conflicted with these “rules.” I expanded my education into the MDS rules, regulations and reimbursement structure and have been a Certified Resident Assessment Coordinator (RAC-CT) for over 10 years, and held the Advanced Certification (RAC-CTA) since it was created by the American Association of Post Acute Care Nursing (AAPACN) 5 years ago.

About 10 years ago, I made the decision to shift my care-giver energy from focusing on my residents and my therapy team, to focusing on the therapy teams across the country. Still a care-giver at heart, ultimately serving residents in a round about way…by serving my peers. My focus has always been on compliance and “doing the right thing,” and the years of teaching and consulting that followed have allowed me to put the information together for other therapists interested in the same. Over the years our practice has grown and now provides training, education and support to SNF Rehab Managers, PT, OT and Speech professionals in all 50 states. Check out my bio to see why I’m the right person to assist you on your professional journey!

You CAN lead a facility to success using a compliance-based model!

And you CAN have all the answers!

We have been formally teaching this course for 10 years and are proud to say that


That’s how we KNOW we are doing the right thing!

Join me for our 10th year in presenting this course!

What’s Included?

  • 10-Course Series totaling 30 Clock / 36 Contact Hours of Continuing Education Credit
  • Video training, Presentation slides, written materials and valuable downloads from each course
  • VIEW ALL the available resources listed above in EACH Course Link, including templates, tools, forms, calculators and more
  • Live instructor access for 10 weeks
  • Access to course material through 12/31/2024. Go back and repeat courses as many times as needed.
  • SNF Certified Rehabilitation ManagerTM Certificate

Course Cost is Based on your Membership Level

Non-Members or Basic Members: $1,800

Individual Members: $1,800 $900

Facility Group Members: Free (Email us)

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Course Reviews

Not sure if this Course Series is for you? These recent participants had positive things to say!

Even though I’ve been a DOR for over 9 years, I have learned a lot and have refreshed my knowledge. Since switching over from contract therapy to an in-house model, I was in need of extra support. This is exactly what I got from this course and company. So, thank you for putting this course together and answering my questions.

Nikki M, OTA in Hawaii, 2023 Class

This RMTP is an invaluable resource for all the SNF related regulatory and clinical guidance. While I was aware of much of the information, the explanation and resources provided will help me to continue to educate my staff, peers and management team on the role of therapy in the SNF. I have looked for quite some time for a course of this nature and am thrilled to have participated. I would love for all of my staff to attend this, despite not being a manager, the material would be beneficial to any therapist working in LTC to understand the complex setting and regulatory requirements.

Margaret D, PT, DOR in Georgia, 2023 Class

This course expanded my knowledge on the rules and regulations within the SNF and not only aided in being a better rehab manager, but helped me realize why we have to do certain things as therapists in order to stay within the guidelines by CMS. I think this course is beneficial for anyone in the SNF setting, not only a Rehab Manager, but PTs, PTAs, OTs, OTAs and SLPs.

Olivia H, OT in NY, 2023 Class

This was one of the best courses I have ever taken. Very easy to understand. The presenter takes her time and really helps you clearly understand the content of each course. I loved the fact that I could work at my own pace. It was nice that I didn’t have to completely finish each course every week. Super nice that the last few weeks I could play “catch up.” I recommend this course to any and all SNF rehab manager professionals. It is a great refresher and would be amazing for anyone who is interested in moving into the SNF rehab director role.

Tamara D, PTA in Texas: 2022 Class

The course touched on all things SNF rehab, in a very organized and easy to understand manner. The course reviewed all the why’s and the how’s to enable me to succeed, with amazing resources to reference and share. A therapist and expert in the SNF rehab world. Very trustworthy presenter. Absolutely recommend to any rehab manager, new or seasoned.

Jen B, OT in New York: 2022 Class

We transitioned from contract to in-house and this course gave me everything I was missing (or never taught) in my contract therapy management experience. I feel like a can help the residents and facility better as I can see the full picture now. And I have a ton of resources to draw from!

MTM, PT in New York; 2021 Class

I strongly recommend this course to new Rehab Directors who are still figuring out the ins and outs of the Skilled Nursing Facility setting and to aspiring clinical staff who want to take on an administrative role. It covered a lot of topics I deal with on a daily basis and it provided me the information that I can share with my staff and the MDS department.

LM, PT in New York; 2021 Class

Great information with daily application to better the resident’s care, organizational gains and departmental function.

LK, PTA in Georgia; 2021 Class

The material presented was excellent. I would recommend to every therapist in SNFs. I will make my everyday decisions with much more confidence now because of the careful way Dolores explained the rules and regulations.

FS, PT in Florida; 2021 Class

I highly recommend this material to all therapy professionals interested in the bigger picture in the SNF setting. I share the information with my staff and as a team we are a knowledgeable asset to the facility where we provide in-house therapy.

MD, OT in New York; 2021 Class

I would definitely recommend this course to others. I have been a Rehab Manager for the past year and it has been a tough learning curve. I was looking for a training course that gave me sufficient info to return confidently on a day-to-day basis, and also provide enough resources to refer to when I needed. I was also looking for PDPM resources and this course flawlessly explained and differentiated PDPM from RUGs, presenting the right amount of data I needed for my position.

RG, PT in California – 2021 Class

I have already recommended this to several other department leaders within the industry! Thank you for all your hard work and continuously offered in-depth knowledge on the areas of this industry that at times can be so overwhelming to learn/apply within real clinic settings. Already looking forward to the next course! 

AH, OT in Minnesota – 2020 Class

I have 100% confidence in Montero Therapy Services and the information that you present, in courses such as this or when I email a question. You are a vital resource for me, and I am a stronger Director of Rehab because of your assistance. Thank you! 

KC, PT in New York – 2020 Class

And a few more words from past attendees:

“I’ve been a Rehab Manager for 20+ years and I still had many “A-ha” moments!”

“Met my expectations and more! I wish I could bring you back to my facility.”

“Excellent courses! Thank you for collecting the info we need to be successful AND ethical.”

“No employer has ever taught me these rules. Seeing the big picture helps make sense of it all and will make me a better manager.”

“The presenter made Medicare enjoyable….who knew that was possible!”

Rehab Manager Training Program Participants 2017-2020

How does it work?

  • Beginning Wednesday, July 10th, 1 course will be released per week for 10 weeks.
  • Participants complete the courses in order, as the information builds each week.
  • Courses contain audio, video and written instruction. An internet connection is required to participate.
  • Live access to the instructor is available for the full 10 weeks for Q&A and live meetings as needed
  • Participants can complete the program and obtain a Certificate in as early as 10 weeks, or can go at their own pace
  • Participants will have until the end of the year to obtain a Certificate. Access to the material and course link will be 24/7 expiring on 12/31/24.
  • Each course includes a Quiz with 80% required to pass and progress to the next course. Quizzes can be repeated as needed.
  • You can go back and repeat courses if you wish. Slide presentations and other resources can be saved to participants computer for future reference.
  • Upon successful completion of the 10-part series, a Certificate of Completion for the SNF Rehab Manager Certification Program TM can be printed out for your records.
  • Total of 36 CE’s or 36 Contact Hours / 30 clock hours / 1800 clock minutes
    • Approved for PT and OT in New York for 36 contact hours
    • Approved by APTA New York for 30 hours, and all states that accept APTA component credits
    • Approved by additional states – Attendee is responsible for verifying state-specific CE criteria.
    • The Course Series meets NBCOT approval criteria.
  • Certificates will indicate Montero Certified SNF Rehabilitation Manager
  • Access to all Course Materials through 12/31/2024. Handouts, resources, cheat sheets can be saved to your computer.
  • To receive the Certificate of Completion, participants must complete all material by 12/31/2024.

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