Facility Members with established accounts are able to request courses for purchase here. Facilities are able to pay via purchase order and will be invoiced accordingly. Each Facility has a designated Rehab and MDS staff person who will be able to complete the information below.

Here is how it works:

  1. Look through our listing of available courses and make your selection
  2. Enter your Facility Member User Name and Email below
  3. Enter the Course Title Below
  4. Enter Coupon Code, if applicable
  5. Upon receipt of your request, we will verify your account and release the course to the requesting Facility Member via an email access link.
  6. The Facility Member will be able to download the requested course.
  7. Your facility will be invoiced for purchases made. *Only those Facility staff members specified on the Master Service Agreement will have the authority to purchase a course. 

Login to see the Course Purchase Form below:

If you have any questions:

Email Us at MemberSupport @ MonteroTherapyServices.com  If you would like to speak to our staff, include your name, call back number and topic in the email. We will respond the same business day!