Today, we are putting the spotlight on some of our favorite apps…apps that you, a PT, OT or Apps iphone ipadSpeech Therapist working in long term care,  may find helpful in the course of your day.

Let’s face it, long term care therapists don’t have much “non-productive” time built into their daily schedule these days .{Ok, let’s be honest, therapists don’t have any “non-productive” time built in to their daily schedules these days}. We know! So we have taken some time and have done some of the leg work for you. We compiled a list of apps you may find helpful. Some of them may even increase your productivity! Woo-hoo!!

We have found that apps are successful based on the style of the user…like an extension of your current work habits. Some apps may slow you down while others can help you out. It is up to each user to evaluate what will fit best with his/her work style. Whether you are a technology fan or not, we bet there is at least 1 app here that you will love.

My favorites? My top 4 favorites (in addition to the stopwatch and timer features that come with the phone) are:

  1. Goniometer- It seems like I never had one with me when I needed it. Well, now I do!
  2. Visual Anatomy Lite- I use this to refresh myself on systems that I may be a little dusty on. I have also used it to educate patients or family members on a particular issue.
  3. Lab Values Reference- I use this one to compare patient lab values to the norms, as well as look up what abnormal lab values in a particular area can signify.
  4. ICD Converter by EON Systems- When ICD10 goes into effect this October, this will be by new #1 favorite!

The apps listed here range from free to $3.99 and are for the iPhone or iPad. We are not affiliated with any of the apps in any way. We are therapists just like you, working to find the best way to manage our day.

App Review PT OT SLP for Geriatrics for iPhone iPad

Don’t use an iPhone or iPad? Keep an eye out for our Android App review coming soon.

Have a favorite App you want to share? Post it in the Comments section.

All of us here at Montero Therapy Services wish you a happy, healthy and “productive” year!

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