Our CEO was recently featured in an article by GoDaddy.com for female entrepreneurs. We wanted to share the interview with you, our Members, as you are the reason we are here!

GoDaddy: Describe your business’s top priorities and its core beliefs.

Female Entrepreneurs Dolores Montero

Dr. Montero:  Montero Therapy Services provides compliance-based training, education and support services to nursing home professionals nationwide. As the company president, my top priority is in serving the therapists (physical, occupational and speech) and administration staff who work in the long-term care setting to ensure each have their “how-to” practice questions answered.

After years of clinical and administrative practice in the long-term care setting, I saw a need to transition from caring for the geriatric patient to “caring for” fellow therapy professionals and nursing facilities.

Therapists and nursing facilities were struggling with the bombardment of new rules and regulations from Medicare and the federal government, and it was this struggle that nudged us into a new awareness … we can be a resource!

Therapists are often labeled as “caregivers at heart,” and this is true of myself and our core staff at Montero Therapy Services. Our top priority was to ensure clinicians had the resources necessary to perform their jobs, as well as be a support to reach out to for continued guidance and reassurance.

Our core belief was to focus on our therapist and facility members and all else would follow. Our intent was to keep the small business feel of substance over flash and provide personal assistance one member at a time. Through technology and our website, we have been able to reach out to professionals nationwide and extend our training, education and support services to members in 47 states.

GoDaddy: Where does your passion lie with your business?

Dr. Montero: In addition to being a board-certified geriatric physical therapist, my passions are creating, teaching and technology — in that order! All are a perfect fit with my role at Montero Therapy Services. The rules and regulations in the long-term care setting, including the Medicare and Medicaid rules, change on an annual basis.

Female Entrepreneurs Montero Therapy

I am constantly researching and gathering information that will impact my fellow therapists in this setting and presenting the information to them to apply in their practice. Every time there is a change in the field, our goal is to provide the training and education needed, as well as be an ongoing support for professionals.

I have created documents, tools and fact sheet that our members can use in their practice. For example, last year the nation transitioned from ICD-9 Codes (International Classification of Disease) to ICD-10 Codes. {The ICD system is used by healthcare providers to classify and code all diagnoses, symptoms and procedures.}

This change had a huge impact on therapists, as it required them to learn a new process in a short amount of time. Montero Therapy was able to provide training and education to therapists across the country using GoToWebinar, field questions through our Q&A forum on our website, and develop multiple resources or “cheat sheets” for our website toolbox for therapists to download and use in their practice.

GoDaddy: What, if anything, was different for you as a woman and how did you tackle those challenges?

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Dr. Montero: I did not encounter specific difficulties or business challenges “because” I am a woman. However, I did encounter challenges being a woman who also happened to be a wife and mother of two children. Balancing my family responsibilities and the duties that come with managing a consulting company are a challenge. Ironically, I have three woman business partners (who also happen to be wives and mothers), and together we are able to manage any challenges that arise. There have been many late nights, early mornings and weekends; many meltdowns and jumps for joy; many setbacks and accomplishments; and I have learned that it is out of the difficulties and setbacks that new beginnings grow. I wouldn’t change a thing about my journey thus far and expect more challenges and adventures to come!

Female Entrepreneurs Dolores

GoDaddy: Proudest accomplishments

Dr. Montero:  One of my proudest work accomplishments was having the courage to expand what I knew to be successful on a local level (our local private practice and consulting services), to a larger stage, solely through technology. With much trial and error, I was able to create a website (with the help of an excellent teacher – Judith Kallos) that would be the platform for our company and the vehicle to reach therapists and nursing facilities across the country.

With limited to no website experience, I was able to design and develop a membership website with information and resources available to all therapy professionals.

Our team knew there was a need for help and guidance, and once the website was launched, we steadily gained membership.

With little marketing, our membership grew to more than 500 therapists and facilities in 47 states within the first year. The website and all it entails is a continued work-in-progress, and I am thankful that I stepped outside my comfort zone to undertake the task! When you spend your day helping others, whether it is in person or through the assistance of technology, you can’t go wrong!

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  1. I’m sure I speak for all therapists nationwide when I say how thankful we are in your supporting and guiding us with all the rules and regulations. We all work so hard in giving proper care to our patients leaving us little time to find the answers in all the recent changes of the Medicare system. Thank you Dolores and to your team as well for taking the time and energy to make these transitions easier for us!

    1. We are all in this together and it is our pleasure to help ensure other therapists working in long term care have the support they need! We are in your corner!

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