Myths, misinformation and misconception…Seems to be a lot of this going around in the SNF setting these days regarding changes to come.

Here are the Top 5 Patient Driven Payment Model (PDPM) realities as we see them today…

  1. The new payment model begins in the SNF setting in less than 8 months
  2. Many SNF therapists voice they have received little to no information on the model that they can use in their day to day practice
  3. Many SNF therapists have not been able to do their own research on the model yet (And how could they?….No time to spare with {crazy} productivity requirements!)
  4. Many therapists are receiving PDPM information from their company and/or employer, and with that may come {some} bias
  5. A bulk of the information therapists are receiving is not completely accurate and is causing fear, panic and misconception regarding job security and professional duties.

SNF therapists want to do the right thing! That’s how they are wired!

Therapists are seeking accurate information about PDPM and we want to help. We recognize limitations in time and $ and wanted to be of assistance by giving SNF therapists a starting point where they can see and hear factual information about the PDPM changes to come, receive unbiased information and receive resources to further their education.

That’s why we created this 10 minute crash course video to get the ball rolling for SNF therapists. Now… with that said, no one who is serious about learning should ever get their full education from a crash course!  This is just a starting point in which therapists are expected to build upon.

But you have to start somewhere, right?  And 10 minutes of your day is not going to break you!

Watch the video….ask questions….do your own research!

In Your Corner,

Dolores and the Montero Therapy Team


P.S. The video is 17 minutes long…..we tried for 10!

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We also have a “real” PDPM training course that can be found by clicking HERE   This comprehensive course is 3 contact hours and includes case examples to calculate the PDPM vs RUG-IV payment rates. $99 for Members.


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