A large portion of the “Medicare Part B” Final Rule released by CMS focused on Telehealth and Virtual Services and will impact SNF therapy professionals starting January 1st.  We have updated the Therapy Virtual Services Graphic to include the recent updates by CMS. Use the graphic to keep track of what codes can be billed under each service, as well as other requirements for provision.


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Keep in mind that a majority of the Telehealth and Virtual Services provided by therapy professionals are temporary, and will either end when the Public Health Emergency (PHE) is declared over, or end on the last day of the calendar year that the PHE is declared over.

Below is the updated list of CPT codes for telehealth for therapy professionals to use for the PHE duration: 

The Graphic also summarizes changes to come with the Non-telehealth Virtual Services, including:

      1. Virtual Check-In’s: These will remain for therapists after the PHE, with the addition of new codes G2250, G2251 for therapists in private practice.
      2. E-Visits: These will remain for therapists after the PHE, though for private practice only. G2061, G2062, G2063 transitioning to 98970, 98971, 98972 (though further clarification from CMS may be coming on this).
      3. Telephone E/M Services: These services for therapists will not continue after the PHE, which eliminates codes 98966, 98967, 98968.

For all of the Medicare Part B updates that go into effect 1/1/21 in the SNF, THIS ARTICLE breaks it all down.

It goes without saying {but not without repeating…}, therapy professionals need to be aware of their State Practice Act for restrictions on providing Virtual Services, as this information would trump Medicare in terms of provision.

If you have any questions about any of the above information or need additional information, use our Just Ask Q&A Forum and one of our team members will respond to you directly to assist.


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Dolores Montero, PT, DPT, RAC-CT, RAC-CTA

SNF Rehab and MDS Compliance Team


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